Building on from the roots of the renowned Wagon Wheel to introduce Chop Shop Market & Table, Fresh Fork, and GoTein to Bloomington has proven to be an exciting process all around. We’ve designed a new logo and website, updated our storefront market and deli, and have made new, lasting connections with other local businesses and members of the community just in our first few months of operation. Seeing the members of Bloomington discover all that Chop Shop Market & Table has to offer has been one of our favorite parts, and we love meeting our customers!

Chop Shop Market & Table not only has undergone massive changes but has also included several private brands such as Fresh Fork, GoTein, and Underground Bakery. The additions and consolidation of these three independent brands into Chop Shop Market & Table are why customers will be excited to visit our location at 1915 S. Walnut St. Bringing all of these brands into one market guarantees our loyal customers will have more choices, products, and services to satisfy their needs.

One of our favorite meal prep customers to see walkthrough Chop Shop Market & Table’s door is Mason Sloan. Mason started out as a Fresh Fork subscriber who discovered Chop Shop Market & Table when Fresh Fork became a part of our Market. I think he might like us a little bit too because since his first visit he’s asked more than once if he could be a Chop Shop Market & Table brand ambassador – just for fun (and maybe for a discount on some corned beef).

Mason moved to Indiana from Kentucky last Fall to start school at Indiana University. Despite coming from Wildcat country, he promised us he’s changed his allegiance and now proudly roots for the Hoosiers (although we suspect he might still hope for a Wildcat win if both teams were to face off). In addition to being a student, Mason is a serious weightlifter, training under Wil Fleming with his eyes set on becoming an Olympic athlete in the sport. Being a student and aspiring Olympian means that Mason has little free time – and an intense need for healthy food.

“Funny enough, I simply googled ‘healthy meal prep Bloomington’ and Fresh Fork was at the top of the search results,” Mason told us when we asked how he first heard of Fresh Fork after moving to town. “The first few weeks of school were relentless and left no true time to cook healthy meals. Fresh Fork was a godsend, especially when I first moved to town, and the variety of menu options has helped keep me hooked.”

We asked Mason if there were any benefits to picking up his orders at Chop Shop Market & Table instead of the old Fresh Fork location, and we almost blushed at his response. “The people. Truly, I say the staff that I have met are the main reason why I still pop in each week. The knowledge and insights (and people skills… they’re funny guys!) that the Chop Shop Market & Table staff have are the soft sell, and the quality of foods never disappoints.”

Mason’s favorite Chop Shop Market & Table items are our smoked turkey breast, snackers, and corned beef (the Irish in him loves it and suggests you pair it with cabbage!).

From Fresh Fork, Mason loves tofu, salmon, turkey burgers, zucchini and squash, and carrots.

Lastly, we asked him if there was anything he thought new customers should know. “Download the WOW Club app so you can make the most of every visit,” he said. The WOW Club is the recently launched loyalty program that offers rewards and special app-only discounts at all of Endeavor’s locations, including Southern Stone, Che Bello, Owlery, the Court Room,